Too Many Fandoms To Count
I am also noted for having too many fandoms and ships. Name's Carol.

Put one in my ask box

America: What superpowers I want/wanted
China: Three things that I find to be adorable
Russia: A dream I want to have come true one day
England: Someone I miss
France: What I envision the man/woman of my dreams would be like
Canada: The last time I felt unnoticed
Japan: Something I might never say out loud
Germany: What I think most people think of me
Italy: My childhood best friend
Hungary: An embaressing story from when I was young
Austria: A musical instument I always wanted to play
Prussia: 3 People I think are awesome
Spain: Something that makes me smile
Romano: Someone who has always been there for me
Greece: The last dream/nightmare I can remember
Switzerland: Someone/thing I'm protective of
Lichtenstein: Do I have siblings? My relationship with them
Finland: A time where I misjudged someone
Sweden: Last time I scared someone (be it on purpose or accident)
Hetalia: 5 places I want to visit/see in my lifetime
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