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I am also noted for having too many fandoms and ships. Name's Carol.

write an original fairy tale

OOOOOH! OKAY! I made this up on the spot!

Once upon a time, fairies and humans acknowledged each other. They were known to exist, and interact. These interactions, while sometimes being for the greater good, would tend to cause mischief. One of these mischievous deeds, were the changelings. You see, sometimes the child born to fae parents, won’t always make it. They value children, and knowing that the death of their own is imminent, they cast a spell. The fairy baby is made to look like the baby of a new mom and dad, human ones. The little fairy is then switched with the human baby, the human to be raised with the fairies, and the fairy, a changeling, to die loved and safe with the humans.

But, once, a fairy survived. This fairy had been replaced with the son of the King. Seeing his healthy young newborn son become deathly ill in less than a minute spurred the King into gathering the realm’s healers. By some miracle, the baby survived. He was given the name Alric and was raised as if he was the real prince, for no one knew that ‘Alric’ was a changeling…not even Alric.

But, time wore on, and with that, the spell that made him appear human wore off too. As he became a young man, Alric noticed how his hair, once his father’s golden shade, had gradually turned fiery red. He saw how his once blue eyes were now bright green. He shrugged it off for as long as he could, but one night a terrible pain was upon his back as out sprouted two gossamer-like wings. Alric was ashamed, for he was forced to realize that he wasn’t truly Crown Prince Alric, but a changeling. He realized his entire life, wasn’t meant for him.

So, fearing the Kingdom’s backlash against him, he fled hoping to find the ones who switched him and in turn find the one he was switched for. He crossed a mountain; bore through a harsh winter, all while covering his tracks so that the King’s men wouldn’t find him. By some miracle, Alric came upon the Fae Realm. Never before had the fairies seen anything like it, a changeling who survived into adulthood. Alric met with the king and queen of the Fae, and then met with his birth parents. And then, he met ‘Rowan’, or as he should’ve been called: Crown Prince Alric.

Alric and Rowan weren’t sure how to feel about the other, but Rowan agreed to travel back to the King’s Realm out of both curiosity for the land he was born into and to clear Alric’s name and prevent the Kingdom’s anger. The two traveled back, and soon found themselves in the courtroom of the King. Alric bowed low, and told of what he had realized, feared, and done, and asked for forgiveness. Rowan bowed lower, and asked for pardon for Alric, for it was not his fault that they were switched.

The King pondered all that had happened. He stood up and slowly strode over to the two, and promptly embraced them both. He recognized them both as his sons, one by blood and one by right and offered Rowan his birthright, the title of Crown Prince.

But Rowan refused and proposed something else. He would allow himself to be dubbed the Prince, if Alric would receive the same right. And so, upon the old King’s passing, High King Rowan and King Alric were both coronated. High King Rowan would pass on after a great life in which many great deeds were accomplished, but King Alric lived for many generations to come, guiding the rulers and settling whatever feuds would come up. Then, after seeing the world change, King Alric went and sat beside the grave of the man he had come to think of as his brother and closest friend. He was last seen leaning against the weathered grave of High King Rowan before disappearing once more, allowing the last proof of the Fae to disappear with him.

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